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Circuit Pilates is a fun and invigorating small group class limited to 3  people max. to ensure individualized attention.  Participants will be guided through various stations, performing a series of exercises that incorporate each piece of equipment.

Each station targets a different Pilates key principle. Awareness, Balance Control, Efficiency, Breath, Concentration, Center, Flow & Harmony.


If you’re new to Pilates and to exercising in general. Don’t let that deter you from trying the Circuit Pilates class. You may need to experience 3 to 10 one-on-one sessions, depending on your body's needs,  to get assessed first and familiarized with the apparatus.  But once you start it, you will be hooked!

Please note: a trial lesson assessment is required before attending this class.


  • You want to be part of a community, work out with friends, or gain motivation by working out among people who share the same healthy habit like you.

  •  It could be that you’re enjoying your Dynamic Reformer classes but would welcome the chance to change things up a bit – with more equipment, different exercises, and even more variety.

  • It could be that you are already taking private sessions once or twice a month but would like to add more pilates on the other weeks.

  • Could be that you’re an experienced Pilates practitioner and want access to the full range of Pilates equipment, including the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Chair, and the Ladder Barrel.

  • You are an active person who does one or several of the following exercises regularly: running, cycling to places, weight training, swimming,  playing soccer, etc.

  • You don't have any injuries , illness or major body pains that require one-on-one attention.


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circuit class

Intermediate to advanced 
(Not appropiate for beginners )

4  Sessions  ¥ 13,200  tax incl 

 ( ¥ 3,300 per class valid for 8 weeks)

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